3 suites for small spaces (including floorplans)

With our urban landscape spreading and multi-story apartments being developed around every corner, it is clear that housing and the way people live is changing. Smaller apartments or townhouses are becoming more popular across most age groups. Those nearing retirement in particular like the manageable size a smaller space offers and gives the option to lock up, leave and travel very easy!

However, decorating a smaller home can be a challenge. Especially after years of collecting treasures and household items. When faced with down-sizing, questions can be such as ‘what’s more important functionality or style?’ are pondered or can both be achieved?

La-Z-Boy have a number of offerings that fit perfectly into apartment living and you don’t have to compromise on style, functionality or comfort.

By following the tips from the moodboards below you will be living comfortably and stylishly in no time.

The Maxx (61m2 apartment)

Tip One: Choose furniture that is lighter in color to give the allusion of space, however contrast it against darker timber floors or a stunning carpet to give it contrast and depth. 

The Anika – 61m2 apartment

The Anika is comfortable and sleek. Perfect for a modern day apartment or those who want something slim-line, yet functional!

Tip Two: Choose a coffee table that is not bulky or chunky, and something slim-line, modern or has the ability to see through (such as the coffee table in the image, or a glass coffee table). This will help with the allusion of space. 

The Eden – 61m2 apartment

The Eden is La-Z-Boy’s most popular suite. It’s versatility, fabric options and functionality makes it a fantastic option for any space or home.

Tip Three: By having rugs under your suite, you create ‘zones’ within your apartment. This helps with the perception of space and adds colour and interest. Not to mention it is lovely on your feet! 

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