3 ways to create a coastal retreat in your home

The outdoors is a great way to achieve inspiration for your home. From the use of color such as blue, green or yellow to natural textures such as the natural fibres of jute rugs or linens, you can easily achieve a calming and natural look in your home. In addition to this, by focusing more on a blue/green palette combined with natural fibres and statement pieces like seashells or coral, you can achieve a more specific coastal retreat look. 

Use of colour:

Using colors such as blue, green, yellow and taupe are the perfect way to bring the seaside into your home. Whether it is through soft furnishings such as cushions, throws or carpets or a larger piece of furniture such as a sofa, colour will help give the allusion of the ocean or seaside. However, there is a trick to it!


Moodboard One: Baltic sofa with a green palette. 

Choose just one main colour as a base and then select complementary items in different shades of that color. This will add depth, intrigue and consistency. Or alternatively, if you want to add more detail, perhaps use cushions and throws with patterns of the main colour choice. It is about keeping consistent when designing, and that may be through colour or texture.

Use of natural fibres:

Using natural fibres such as linen or jute is not only on trend but it also helps to link back to nature. It helps to soften a room and adds balance, especially when the key feature piece of the room is the furniture. There are so many beautiful jute options available, so you can create your very own coastal oasis. La-Z-Boy have paired up their Baltic 2 seater sofa with both blue and green accessories, to show how easy it is to change the look in your home dependent on mood and desire.

Moodboard Two: Baltic sofa with blue palette.

Coastal accessories:

Coastal accessories such as blue glass, jute balls, timber trays, coral feature pieces are a great way to provide interest to a room and takes you back to the seaside. Combined with relevant cushions, throws and rugs – you won't have to leave your home to feel relaxed and calm. 


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