4 Steps to getting your home ready for sale this Summer

Summer marks a time in the year when many of us decide to consider new beginnings, such as buying a new home. This means for many of us, that we have to sell our existing home first, which can be a daunting task. To achieve the best result from this process however, there are a four key steps to take that will help to engage new buyers and encourage a quick sale.

Step One: Is your furniture right for the space?

When your furniture is the right size, the balance and perception of space will be optimised. Not only should your furniture match the size of your room, but each piece of furniture should be in proportion. You want to create a space and look in which buyers can instantly imagine themselves living in your home. If your living space is on the small side, then, selecting a suite such as La-Z-Boy’s Eden can help create the illusion of space, with its narrow design and smaller proportions. If your living space is larger, consider a modular like the La-Z-Boy Martelli which helps segregate big spaces. 

Step Two: Streamline your accessorises

Clutter and too many items can detract a potential buyer seeing the positive aspects of your home, therefore it is important to declutter and streamline your accessorires. Ways to do this is by creating vignettes, by placing accessories in groups of threes based on varying heights, shapes, and colours. Put the rest of your accessories in boxes for when you move. Take into account the patterns already in the room, especially the “busy’’ ones such as wallpaper. You want the room to feel neutral and uncluttered, whites and creams are good items to lead with then add in a pop of colour. 

Step Three: Co-ordinate rugs, cushions and throws

You may like to think about selecting rugs, cushions and throws based on one or two colourways only. You can then mix and match patterns to create visual interest using these one or two colours. 

Rugs– select a rug that allows the main piece of furniture to rest on it. If you are unsure on what size rug will best suit consider the size of the room and the furniture. A rug should be proportional to your lounge suite, like the blue jute rug paired with the Carlton Suite.

Cushions and throws– be creative, this should pick up the rug colours, using a mixture of patterns and texture. A good tip is to choose light coloured furniture and add depth with colouful cushions, as shown with the Carlton by La-Z-Boy.

Step 4 - Bring nature in with fresh flowers or plants

Plants and flowers are a wonderful way of filling empty spaces, as well as adding a sense of calm and serenity. They also create warmth and visual interest, tying your room together.

Whether you have a big home or small apartment to sell, these four steps will help you achieve your goal of selling your home and achieving new beginnings this summer.

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