It can be daunting choosing the right piece of furniture for your home - Perhaps you need a recliner for your nursery
to rock your little one to sleep, or maybe you are downsizing to a smaller home? La-Z-Boy have you covered with a range
of options, no matter what your needs or circumstances, making finding comfort, easy.

The Ultimate La-Z-Boy® Guide To
Finding The Perfect Recliner

La-Z-Boy offers an extensive range of recliners with a vast selection of fabric and leather options, meaning you’re sure to find a recliner to perfectly fit you and the style of your home.

Why You Need A Recliner That Fits
Benefits Of A Recliner
Finding The Perfect Recliner

The Ultimate La-Z-Boy® Guide To
Apartment Living

Do you live in a small house, apartment, or considering downsizing? No problem! La-Z-Boy have a number of offerings designed for smaller spaces!

Reclining Suites
Stationary Suites
Arm Chairs

The Ultimate La-Z-Boy® Guide To
Picking The Perfect Nursery Chair

Preparing for the arrival of a little one? Whether you want the perfect chair to rock your little one to sleep, provide support for nursing or just to spend quality time, La-Z-Boy have plenty of options!

Rocker Recliners
Glideaway Recliners
Nordic Recliners & Ottomans