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We will provide you with the most up to date lead time at point of sale, unfortunately, we are experiencing unprecedented shipping delays across a number of our products. We expect these delays to resolve sometime in 2022.

Honesty and integrity. We will provide you with accurate lead times with the manufacturing and shipping information we have on hand, so you can make an informed decision before placing your order.

Great customer service.We will continue to deliver speedy responses to your queries, directly via phone and email.

Unfortunately, we are facing unprecedented manufacturing and shipping delays caused by the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is affecting a large portion of our products. We will give you the most accurate lead-time using the shipping and manufacturing information we have available at the time you place your order.  Further updates on your order will been given to you by the store where you purchased from.

The increased global demand for furniture and homewares, paired with worldwide lockdown restrictions and the knock-on effects to ports around the world, has caused a perfect storm: manufacturing and supply chain delays, plus significant congestion to both sea and air freight services worldwide.

The result? A shortage of shipping containers, limited capacity on vessels and limited sailings - especially to New Zealand and Australia.

We predict the shipping delays will resolve sometime in 2022.

You will provided with up-to-date lead times using the shipping and manufacturing information we have available before you place your order. Then, the store where you purchased from will keep you updated on your order as new information related to your purchase and its status is available in these unprecedented times.

The store where you purchased from is always available to respond promptly to your emails and calls about your order’s status.

On Selected models, La-Z-Boy offers a 400mm x 400mm fabric armrest and headrest cover for a nominated fee. Speak to your local La-Z-Boy retailer. La-Z-Boy, however, does not offer complete recliner and sofa covers. 

You will find the Product Identification Tag located on the underside of your furniture. Either under the footrest or underneath the sofa itself. See the diagram below to find the Serial number, model, and cover. See also the Product Identification Tag for the care instructions on the covering (fabric/leather).

To meet the various needs of our customers, we introduce new products once a year. Unfortunately, to make room for the latest styles, we must discontinue some as well. Once we have discontinued a style, we can no longer produce it. Please be sure to visit a La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery to try some of the many other styles of furniture. A sales associate will be able to assist you with a piece of furniture to fit your needs.

La-Z-Boy does not offer re-upholstering services. Please contact the La-Z-Boy retailer you purchased your product from, and they will provide you with details for a local upholsterer. 

La-Z-Boy does not have any factory outlets. Our products are only available through authorized La-Z-Boy retailers.

The pricing is available on the website for 90% of our products. Select the product of interest and the cover (fabric or leather). The pricing listed applies to the cover selected.

Here is a link of all our stockists:

You may view our furniture by visiting one of more than 32 La-Z-Boy retailers who sell our products exclusively.

To find your local retailer, click this link

La-Z-Boy does not offer customisation of the design. However, we do offer additional options on genuine La-Z-Boy recliners. See options on our website, or please contact a La-Z-Boy retailer for more information.

This information and a diagram are listed in the operating instructions that accompany each La-Z-Boy product.

You can also view how to remove and install a La-Z-Boy back by clicking on this link 

Please contact your local La-Z-Boy retailer directly for assistance.

To find your local retailer, click this link:

Many of our recliners can be ordered with the handle on the left side. This option would have to be custom order, since all of our recliners are manufactured with the handles on the right. 

La-Z-Boy offers a diverse selection of furniture styles to meet the various needs of our customers. La-Z-Boy produces an electric-powered lift chair, which is operated by hand control. It assists with seating, exiting, reclining, and raising and lowering the footrest. It proves beneficial for persons with limited mobility. To view the styles that we offer as lift chairs, please visit Lift Chairs under the 'Recliner' section. For further information regarding our lift chairs, please contact the nearest La-Z-Boy retailer. 

Due to the design of the mechanism for this style of recliner, a swivel base cannot be put on a glideaway recliner. A swivel base is considered an option on the Rocker Recliner, so there would be an additional cost. Swivel bases can only be installed on standard and large-size Rocker Recliners.

Pilling is a natural occurrence that is common in most woven fabrics. It is the result of regular daily use. The most common cause of pilling occurs when the fabric yarns fuse and pick up foreign particles from other woven fabrics, like your clothing. It is often mistaken as a fabric or manufacturer fault but can easily be treated at home with the proper care. Pilling is most successfully removed with battery-operated pilling tools available from Spotlight (or similar store).

You can find more information on pilling by clicking this link

Yes you can. The minimum length is 1 metre. Speak to your local La-Z-Boy Retailer

To ensure it arrives in great condition, heavy protective packaging is used. This can cause some fabrics to crease slightly. This is completely natural and will rectify itself within the first month of usage. 

Please check that no damage to wiring has occurred and ensure all cable cords are connected securely together, and the primary power source is turned on. It is recommended that the chair is plugged directly into the power outlet on the wall and not a powerboard. If the problem persists, please contact the local La-Z-Boy retailer you purchased the product from.

It is quite natural for your new La-Z-Boy recliner/sofa to feel or look slightly different from the one on display in the showroom. This is because it is brand new while the one on the showroom has been sat on by several customers. Depending on use, the foam used on your product will lose up to 20% of the density. This can happen as quickly as 3-6 months, or longer for goods that are not used as frequently. 

La-Z-Boy uses 100% genuine cowhide leather, meaning a certain amount of stretching is perfectly natural and guarantees that your sofa's leather is genuine. Stretching of the leather is not considered a fault. Comfort creases are to be considered normal within the first several months of use. Plump cushions regularly if possible.

A longer handle is available and can be fitted or replaced. Please contact your La-Z-Boy retailer for assistance. 

To find your local retailer, click this link:

Yes, stop the rock wedges can be fitted to the recliner to stop it from rocking. Please contact your La-Z-Boy retailer for assistance.

To find your local retailer, click this link

When you have a reclining sofa, it is impossible to ensure that the seams will always be aligned. As these sofas are constructed with moving parts, this can cause the seams to move out of alignment. An easy solution to this is to manipulate the fabric/leather with your hand, which will allow you to realign the seams.

When perspired through sweat and body oils, some medications (both externally and internally administered) may have damaging effects on leather and fabric. La-Z-Boy suggests if you or a family member are on (but not limited to) blood-thinning or heart medication and spend a lot of time on your furniture, either deep clean once a month or protect your leather with a wool blend cloth covering.

Please contact the La-Z-Boy retailer from whom you placed your order. They will be able to help you find out when to expect your new furniture. 

It depends on when you purchased your recliner and what style it is as to whether that mechanism is covered under what warranty.

To review warranty information please click this link: 

This is a natural characteristic of the mechanism when it disengages. You will notice a clunk sound. This sound is normal. The noise is naturally made by the lever disengaging the 16 position ratchet and is nothing to be concerned about.

To find out more on how to reduce the noise, click on this link.

An exchange or refund option would need to be addressed with the retailer from whom you purchased your product. However, if you are concerned about your furniture's comfort, they may first choose to inspect it to determine if it meets our design and manufacturing specifications.

We recommend that you first contact your La-Z-Boy retailer. They would inspect your chair, diagnose the specific problem your chair is encountering, and then offer a solution.

While natural flattening of the cushion is normal within the first several months of usage and is deemed normal wear and tear however if excessive flattening has occurred, the foam is covered under our 10-year foam warranty. Please contact your La-Z-Boy retailer from where you purchased your product.

In the unlikely event that you purchase a piece of furniture and find that it does not coordinate with your home decor, please contact your La-Z-Boy retailer for assistance. These independent retail dealerships establish their own policies regarding exchanges and refunds, so be sure to inquire as to what those policies state before you purchase.

This would be the decision of the retailer. Normally the retailer's sale prices do not take effect until the day of the sale, so any price adjustment(s) would be at the retailer's discretion.

To successfully clean fabric, it is important to determine the type of fabric and the recommended cleaning code. This information can be found on the product ID tag attached to the underside of your furniture.

La-Z-Boy offers several different types of leather upholstery for its furniture. If cared for properly, this natural material will maintain its beauty and usefulness for many years. Direct exposure to strong light can cause any leather to fade, so always protect the leather from direct sunlight or other intense light sources. Daily or weekly dusting and vacuuming with a brush attachment is recommended for regular maintenance of leather. Please refer to the product ID tag attached to the underside of your furniture for detailed information regarding its care and maintenance.

If your furniture requires service assistance or replacement parts, please contact La-Z-Boy retailer. Or for a listing of all authorized La-Z-Boy retailers, visit Please have your product identification tag with your product details on hand. You will find this stapled below your furniture. Under the footrest or underneath your sofa.

Please contact the La-Z-Boy retailer from whom you placed your order. They will be able to assist you in determining when to expect your replacement part(s) or new furniture.

Please be sure to contact the La-Z-Boy retailer from whom you made your purchase. Since these retailers establish their own policies and procedures regarding the terms of the sale, billing, financing, etc., any questions regarding the sale of your furniture should be directed to them.

Discuss this with the La-Z-Boy retailer in which you bought the product from.

Discuss this with the La-Z-Boy Gallery Retailer in which you purchased the product from.

Please discuss these with your local La-Z-Boy Retailer. Since these retailers establish their own policies and procedures regarding the terms of the sale, billing, financing, etc., any questions regarding the finance should please be directed to them.

For more information on our current finance offers, pop into your nearest store:

Details of our current promotions including end dates are available to view at -

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