Balancing Modern and Traditional: Interior Trends for 2024

Lockdown life left us with no shortage of viewing time and Kiwis consumed period drama in record numbers. As Steven Spielberg served up a remake of West Side Story, we devoured dramatisations of royal life in The Crown and speculated about when Lady Whistledown would finally be unmasked in Bridgerton, Netflix’s record-topping English language show.

But it didn’t end there. Fashionistas flaunted their sweater vests and crocheted tote bags. Hermes reinvented the clog and Versace rolled out platform heels in shades of Barbie. It seems that vintage is becoming ever more vogue.

Furniture design also found itself looking back, taking inspiration from vintage trends and incorporating striking, bold patterns and inviting curves. Our appetite for trendy but functionless decorations has waned. The flight to open plan living is slowing, as we acknowledge our very human need for peace and privacy in the form of spaces segmented for work, rest and play.

During the pandemic, our homes served as our havens, schools and places of work. We demanded they offer us rest and relaxation, while also being practical and multi-functional. Endless hours spent indoors brought the uncomfortable corners of our homes into sharp focus, and we yearned for everything that calmed and restored our bodies.

Comfort is in our DNA

There are few furniture brands in World more familiar than the timeless La-Z-Boy. The name has been synonymous with comfort for almost a century and evokes cherished childhood memories. Many will recall the arrival of the long-awaited La-Z-Boy addition to the living room that became a parent’s sanctuary after a hard day’s work or snuggling on a recliner with a loved one.

Our craving for all that is comforting and traditional has made one of our family favourites, the Eden 3 seater more popular than ever before. With its wide, curved arms and soft, inviting cushioning, it is a fabulously cosy place to relax with a cuppa or chill with the family. There’s room enough for everyone to lounge and the wide armrests make a perfect perch for the TV remote, phone or snacks. Perfect for comfort and quality in everyday life.

La-Z-Boy styles are constantly changing with the times. The new Anika recliner is a clean, modern take on the traditional, with all of the comfort you’d expect from La-Z-Boy. It combines sleek, stainless steel open arms (can also be Chrome, Mahogany, Black and Oak) and a cast alloy handle with either fabric or leather to suit your décor. For downsizers and apartment dwellers, its streamlined style is in keeping with interior design trends and its supreme lumbar support and multi-level reclining offer total body relaxation within a modest footprint.

As home décor trends come and go, the iconic La-Z-Boy recliner is a timeless piece that will last a lifetime. Its classic and enduring design seamlessly blending with the wall art, upcycled antique furniture or ornamental treasures that make a living space your own style.

As the days become shorter and colder weather beckons, talk to us today about discovering the perfect La-Z-Boy piece customised to you to create a comfortable and inviting home.