Recliner Chairs - Flick Action

Recliner Chairs - Flick Action

Every Australian home deserves a supremely comfortable living room. Experience the feeling of exceptional support, high quality materials, and smooth reclining systems with La-Z-Boy manual recliner chairs, at incredibly affordable prices.   

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Instant relaxation With A Manual Recliner Chair

When it comes to La-Z-Boy lounge chairs, 'manual' should not be confused with hard work. In fact, nothing could be easier than leaning back in a leather or fabric recliner using the easy to operate recliner lever. Manual reclining can be customised to your needs, making it safe and convenient to push back into a comfortable reposing position after a long day.

Manual recliner chairs, or flick-action chairs, are the happy medium between old-school formal chairs and some experimental chairs of today. La-Z-Boy is an originator and innovator, and the trend continues with inviting and stylish new collections designed and manufactured for Australian conditions. When backrest, headrest, footrest and armrests are in sync, the result is instant relaxation. 

Recliners for small spaces – living room furniture

It pays to get imaginative when decorating small spaces. Living room furniture shouldn't overpower a smaller room, so it is worth mixing things up. Try a 2 or 3 seater recline couch plus ottomans instead of a formal setting, or one or two 16 position manual recliner chairs. Reclining all the way to horizontal position on a cozy and supportive La-Z-Boy recliner is also a great extra bed sleepover option.  

Features of a manual recliner chair

A La-Z-Boy advantage is the ability to narrow down choices without sacrificing features. We offer a huge selection of manual and electric recliners with fabric and leather upholstery, plus manual reclining chair innovations for smaller homes. La-Z-Boy advantages include.

  • Space-saving, versatile seating and lounging
  • Fully-horizontal recline
  • Full body lumbar support in 16 natural positions
  • Purpose-built frame for sturdy support and safe reposing
  • 3-position locking footrest for optimum stretch and flex
  • Easy-to-reach lever and automatic positioning/reclining mechanisms

What to consider when purchasing your recliner chair

Initial considerations when choosing lounging furnishings include size, design, material and price. There is no substitute for a first-hand showroom inspection, so La-Z-Boy invites you to visit us at your nearest quality furnishing retailer, where you can test recliner sturdiness, feel the fabric upholstery, and experience the support of high density foam. 

Accent Chair for your living space

La-Z-Boy chairs aren't only for the lounge room. If your expansive living space needs improving with quality, a contemporary accent chair is the solution. Our collections include modern Euro-style, American style, and swivel recliner chairs for capturing a 360 degree view. Power and manual options are available with some La-Z-Boy product lines. 

Advantages of a manual recliner chair

Manual recliners are a little more discreet and often a little less bulky than their electric-power counterparts. This makes them suitable for moving around the room or to a different part of the home. They have a carefree feel, and are great for enclosed balconies or in a conservatory/sunroom. Manual recliners feel at home in the library, office, theatre, or living room, and they can be jazzed up or accessorized to suit your personal taste. 

How to make sure the recliner will fit into your space

It's always advisable to measure the space your recliner will be placed. When it comes to size, there are several considerations.

  • The size of your room. Make sure there is good flow of movement around the room.
  • The size of your new lounge chair. Your recliner shouldn't overwhelm other furnishings.
  • The amount of seating you need in the room. The size of your household family + friends.
  • Your own height and size. You should feel relaxed from head to toe with the right recliner.

What style of recliner are you looking for

Manual recliner chairs are a La-Z-Boy specialty, and there are lots of other styles worth serious consideration. 

  • Manual (flick-action; lever, trigger handle) recliners
  • Glideaway recliner engineered for smooth reposing even when close to a wall or other object
  • Rocker recliner for classic and contemporary versatility
  • Power recliner with independently controlled back and leg positions
  • Lift chairs that give freedom back to people who require mobility assistance
  • Nordic-style swivel chairs for modern Euro appeal

Most people don't want a massive massage chair in the living room. Microfiber and faux leather are also best avoided in most cases. However, if you are looking for a high quality leather recliner or comfy fabric recliner, you have come to the right place at La-Z-Boy.

How long do manual recliner chairs last?

La-Z-Boy push back chairs are made with top quality leather and fabric coverings that can last for decades. Our chairs are built strong, with every component and material meeting highest industry standards. With proper care and cleaning methods, your La-Z-Boy chair can be handed down through the generations.

What is a manual recliner chair?

A manual recliner chair is an armchair or couch that is reclined using a lever or handle trigger. Choose from small to large chair sizes for the ideal seat height, and rest your legs without the need for a footstool. Manual reclining luxury is in demand at La-Z-Boy. 

What is the best manual recliner chair?

There are quite a few recliner chair types, including rockers for nursing, compact chairs for small spaces, and multi-seat lounges with independent controls. The choices are all yours. Most of all, your new chair should feel just right, so visit a La-Z-Boy showroom and experience the exceptional support of premium fabrics and high-density foam cushioning for yourself.

Should you get a manual or power recliner chair?

Power recliners and lift chairs are special furnishings deserving pride of place in the living room. La-Z-Boy classic style and contemporary recliners are leading the recliner chair revolution in Australia for all the right reasons, including highest quality chairs at affordable prices. Your choice of manual or power recliner should reflect your personal design and decorating style, with a focus on maximum comfort and relaxation.