Recliner Chairs - South Australia

Electric armchairs and reclining furniture are hugely popular in Adelaide, SA. Aussie vistas entice locals to enjoy leather and fabric recliners, and La-Z-Boy is where Australians head for the best recliner chairs South Australia has to offer.

What to ask yourself before buying a recliner chair in South Australia

There is no better way to enjoy complete comfort and relaxation than reposing on your favourite recliner chair. La-Z-Boy recliners add a charming focal point to any room, providing multifunctional versatility and adaptability in lots of situations. Here are some considerations to ensure your La-Z-Boy recliner is the perfect match for your home and lifestyle.

Recliner Armchair Colour - It makes sense to select a large recliner brand with lots of product options. For starters, La-Z-Boy recliners are available in a wide range of leather and fabric colours and patterns. Channel your interior design expert with recliner colour choices to set the living room mood.

Choose bold colours for a statement effect, or accent whites and monotone recliner colours offset by cushions, throws, and rugs. The choices are all yours for personalised style at La-Z-Boy.

Recliner Texture - There are more than 50 fabric and 24 leather upholstery coverings at La-Z-Boy. Choose unique and stylish patterns and textures for a tailored living room experience. View the attractive fabrics online, and visit us in-store to experience the La-Z-Boy feel first-hand.

Room - Make sure you measure your living space prior to purchasing a new recliner for South Australian conditions. Remember to take full recline into consideration to ensure there is plenty of space, and experiment with different room layouts to make the most out of your La-Z-Boy purchase.

Back support - High quality recliners include special back and lumbar support cushioning. Look for recliners with supportive headrests, footrests, armrests, and other features that offer superior relaxation and comfort.

Recliner Budget - Only a major recliner chair manufacturer can deliver affordability and quality. Australians have been choosing La-Z-Boy recliners for generations, and value for money is a top priority.

Features and accessories to personalise your La-Z-Boy Recliner

La-Z-Boy recliners are feature-rich. Our adaptable recliner chair options include comfortable multi-position seating, adjustable power headrest, USB port and zero-gravity complete body relaxation. Personalizing La-Z-Boy recliners is part of the fun, with additional features that include storage consoles, cup holders and independently controlled footrests, to name a few.

Making sure you have enough space – options available

A living room furniture specialist can offer the right sized lounge suite for every situation. For example, a 2.5 seater lounge falls midway in width between a 2 seater and 3 seater lounge, and a little extra space can make a big difference to comfort levels. La-Z-Boy has the full range of recliner size options you are looking for.

Recliner sizes vary slightly depending on the cushioning, headrests, armrests and upholstery used. Sofa measurements between the arms of a living room sofa are approximately as follows.

  • Chair: 600mm
  • 2 Seater: 1190mm
  • 2.5 Seater: 1430mm
  • 3 Seater: 1840mm
  • 4 Seater: 2130mm

Types of recliners and capabilities

Your search for recliner chairs in South Australia will lead to a diverse range of recliner styles. Here are some innovative design styles popular with La-Z-Boy customers in South Australia.

Manual Recliner - lever and trigger handle flick action for simple and effective reclining

Glideaway Recliner - for comfortable full recline in smaller spaces

Rocker Recliner - timeless appeal with nursing mothers and babies

Power Recliner - Independent power control of recline position and footrest

Lift Chairs - freedom and mobility assistance for the elderly and infirm

Choosing the best material or fabric for your space

Form and function are equally important at La-Z-Boy. That's why we believe you should have lots of fabric and leather recliner material options. Classic leather is a traditional favourite that is long-lasting and gets softer with age, while La-Z-Boy fabric recliners are contemporary favourites in modern Australian apartments.

Evaluating and buying your first recliner chair

The recliner lounge suite you choose should suit your personal style. Fortunately, La-Z-Boy is here to assist, online and in-store. Now that you understand the many available recliner chair styles, it's time to hone-in on the features your specifically require.

Many recliners are available in S/M/L sizes, with additional options for personalising the chair. If the chair is for yourself, a visit to your nearest La-Z-Boy retailer is in order so you can establish the perfect recliner fit from head to toe.

Best-selling recliners in South Australia

La-Z-Boy have been best-selling manual and electric reclining chairs for decades in Australia. Here are just a few examples from the extensive La-Z-Boy recliner chair selection for South Australia.

Flick Action Saxon Recliner with a classic sumptuous look for ultimate comfort. Available in 2 seater and 3 seater models.

Eden Glideaway Recliner that lets you kick back and relax even when close to a wall or other obstacle. Glideaway recliners are the right choice for smaller rooms.

Pinnacle Rocker Recliner available in more than 50 fabric and 24 leather upholstery coverings for tailored rocking, reclining, and relaxing.

Colorado Power Recliner with mid-century appeal. Personalise the recliner and express your own interior design style.

Eden Bronze Lift Chair that encourages mobility and activity. Choose to lift to standing position, or recline back at the push of a button.

Remember: Durability is always important. Choose from furniture industry favourites at La-Z-Boy, whether you are looking for the perfect rocker recliner, glideaway recliner, or electric lift recliner chair.

Recliner chairs can help with medical problems

Sitting in an uncomfortable position on an unsuitable chair can cause back pain, restrict breathing, and lead to serious health issues. La-Z-Boy recliners, on the other hand, alleviate discomfort while encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Here are some major benefits recliner chair users experience.

Improved circulation - With a La-Z-Boy recliner, you can effortlessly lift your legs to weightless horizontal position for improved circulation.

Back pain relief - La-Z-Boy recliner chairs deliver ultimate comfort and all-over body support in multiple positions. Adapt your recliner to reduce pain and encourage movement.

Breathe easier - Recline or lift into a position that encourages healthy breathing and strong lungs.

Calm your nerves - There's no better method of re-energising and stress relief than by resting back on your favourite recliner.

Better digestion - Utilise adaptable recliner movements and positions to encourage healthy eating positions that aid digestion.

Relieve pressure - Take the pressure off sore muscles and joints. Allow gravity to work with you for relieving soreness.

Better mobility - A recliner chair is the alternative to remaining in one position for an extended period of time. Move into different comfy positions to ease pressure and encourage mobility.

Independence: Older and less mobile people treasure their independence. An electric recliner lift chair can help almost anyone to get up and about enjoying their favourite activities.

Go for more than one

La-Z-Boy leather and fabric recliners are priced right. There has never been a better time to furnish the entire living room or media room with a swivel recliner, 2-seater, 3-seater, and home theatre recliner suites. Modular furniture with chaise can double as a sofa bed for peace of mind when guests stay over, and be reconfigured for entertaining on special occasions. Browse online and visit your La-Z-Boy showroom for more inspiration.

Warranty option available

Recliner chairs are extremely popular in South Australia. Customers are spoilt for choices with some of the best electric recliners available. At La-Z-Boy, we are proud of our products and so confident of their performance that we offer warranties that may include:

  • 10 year warranty on foam
  • 10 year warranty on frame
  • 5 year warranty on recliner mechanism
  • 2 year warranty on power
  • 3 year warranty on leather
  • 1 year warranty on fabric

Where can you purchase La-Z-Boy recliners

La-Z-Boy is Australia's most well-known recliner lounge brand. Our nation-wide network of retail showrooms plus online purchasing options brings the entire La-Z-Boy range to life. From sales to delivery, pick-up, customer care and after-sales service, La-Z-Boy is committed to best value furnishings for Australian homes. You can purchase with confidence at La-Z-Boy.

Frequently asked questions about recliner chairs South Australia:

Who makes the best quality recliner chairs?

If Australian customers are any indication, La-Z-Boy are among the best recliners in the business. If a single or dual motor recliner with lift chair power is on your wishlist, it's time to explore La-Z-Boy options.

What are the top 7 recliners in South Australia?

Recliners are hugely popular all around Australia, including South Australia. Favourite recliner types are:

  1. Rocker recliner
  2. Electric power recliner
  3. Glideaway recliner
  4. Lever-operated manual recliner
  5. Lift recliner
  6. Electric lift chair
  7. Flick-action recliner

What is the most comfortable recliner?

That is for you to find out. Visit your nearest La-Z-Boy retailer and experience ultimate reclining comfort for your home and lifestyle Australia wide.

What is the best time of the year to buy a recliner?

Recliners are used year-round, although sometimes for specific reasons. For example, single recliner chairs are a bedroom or nursery favourite with nursing mothers and babies, while lift recliners are the right choice for the elderly or infirm. The choices are all yours at La-Z-Boy.