Recliner Chairs - Victoria

Reclining armchairs and sofas are the favourite place to relax, and La-Z-Boy has the most extensive range of quality electric recliner chairs in Victoria. For luxury leather and fabric recliner furniture in Melbourne and beyond, choose La-Z-Boy.

What to consider before buying a recliner chair in Victoria

There are lots of La-Z-Boy recliner styles to choose from, so it's a good idea to narrow down must-have features early in your search. You should also consider who will be using your new 2 seater lounge chair, and how they'll be using it.

Factor the size of your living room or home into the equation and your current living room furniture. Smaller recliner armchairs and accent chairs are ideal for apartment living, while recliner lounge suites with chaise will provide ultimate comfort for family and friends in larger spaces. Additional considerations to get your search for the ideal recliner started include:

Colour - While a white or cream lounge makes an elegant statement to your room decor, a dark coloured recliners in grey fabric tones will be easier to maintain in as-new condition in a high traffic living space, particularly if you enjoy entertaining or have active kids at home. Making sure the recliner fits into o

Texture - This is an area where La-Z-Boy stands tall. Personalised recliner options include dozens of fabric and leather recliner upholstery textures, colours and designs, so you can mix and match in colour coordination or make a bold contrast furniture statement. The choices are all yours.

Room - Before choosing, take time to measure the area where your recliner will be placed. Your recliner should be able to expand fully without dominating the space or creating an obstruction. Remember to account for clearance from walls and other furnishings. Consider glide away recliners that can fully recline while placed close to a wall.

Back support - Consider the cushion material density. Thicker density cushions with lumbar support are often better for ergonomic comfort. Low-density materials are very comfortable but less supportive.

Budget - There are lots to choose from for budgets of all sizes at La-Z-Boy. We are proud to manufacture high-quality recliner chairs at prices regular Australians can afford.

Quality and comfort the keys to choosing your new recliner

After narrowing recliner choices down online to your wish list, visit your nearest La-Z-Boy retail showroom to experience quality and comfort first-hand. The perfect recliner should be the right fit for your body from head to toe, while also relaxing tired muscles and joints.

Does size matter?

Recliners are quite large compared to smaller dining chairs and office furniture, so you need to consider scale and proportion.

Scale refers to the recliner sofa dimensions for the size of your room. If the room is too small for a sofa, the space will look and feel cramped.

Proportion refers to how the recliner looks in relation to the other furnishings in the room. If your styling is sleek or minimalist, a big couch with bulky cushioning might look out of place.

Different range of recliner chairs on offer

Everyone has their own style, and with so much on offer at La-Z-Boy, you get to be your own interior designer. Reclining chair options include:

Choosing a recliner to fit your body type

Nothing beats the sit test for choosing the right size recliner. Shopping in-store is preferable when purchasing a recliner, and with an Australia-wide network of retailers, La-Z-Boy is the go-to brand for testing out all recliner styles and sizes.

At La-Z-Boy, your favourite reclining chair can be smaller, taller, or wider for the perfect fit. You should also consider the footrest, armrests, backrest and headrest for personalised relaxation.

Choosing the best fabric for your recliner

An upholstered fabric lounge provides a cozy feel on cold Victorian nights. On the other hand, a leather recliner chair will boast traditional classy appeal in cosmopolitan Melbourne homes. You can explore the full range of leather and linen fabric upholstery choices online and tailor your lounge sofa selections to suit your personal style.

Understanding additional options and upgrades

Initial recliner chair options include style, material, and size. After that, it's time to customise your purchase with options that can include:

  • Swivel base
  • Extended leg rest
  • Handle on left or right
  • Wood or silver arc handle
  • Memory foam cushions

Small space? – Consider these best-selling recliners in Victoria

Here are a few recliner options suitable for smaller spaces, courtesy of La-Z-Boy.

Colorado Power Recliner: Available with sleek metal legs or timber feet. Add a timeless design to your modern makeover, and take comfort to the next level.

Harbor Town Bronze Lift Chair: Designed to accommodate smaller people and smaller rooms. Features include two-button hand control and side pocket storage.

Best brand of recliner

Without the need to blow our own trumpet, it's well-known that La-Z-Boy is the favourite recliner brand in Melbourne, Vic, and the rest of Australia. Our recliner customers expect plenty of sofa armchair options and features such as an adjustable headrest, high density cushioning, zero gravity relaxation, lift recliner convenience, sofa bed adaptability, office chair alternatives and more.

Customer care with La-Z-Boy

Whether you purchase a simple accent chair, 3-seater sofa, or entire media room collection, customer care is prioritised at La-Z-Boy. We are so confident in our manufacturing quality that most of our products come with:

  • Lifetime warranty on the mechanism (to the original purchaser)
  • 10-year warranty on frame, foam, seat springs, workmanship
  • 2-year warranty on power components
  • 2-year warranty on the manual and power-adjustable headrest

Frequently asked questions about recliner chairs Victoria:

What are the best recliner chairs in Victoria?

At La-Z-Boy, we invite customers to decide on their favourite recliners in Victoria. Whether you are looking for a traditional black leather recliner, handy home cinema recliner with cup holder, or zero gravity recliner for ultimate comfort, we have exactly what you are looking for.

What is the cost of a recliner chair?

You may be surprised to find that high-quality La-Z-Boy recliners are competitively priced, even compared to non-reclining chairs from lesser-known brands. We keep prices down so every new generation of Victorians can enjoy the best furniture for the right price.

What is one of the most popular recliner chairs?

Choosing a favourite La-Z-Boy seater recliner chairs isn't easy. New recliner customers are instantly attracted to form and function, while veteran recliners tend to stick to tried and trusted favourites with high resilience foam.

Can I use a recliner chair every day?

You certainly can. In fact, La-Z-Boy recliners are designed and built to ease muscle pain and encourage movement for a better quality of life. Whether you need to rock your baby to sleep, lean back for de-stressing, or lift up with a power lift chair for social mobility, your La-Z-Boy recliner can put you front and centre wherever the action is. Start exploring today, the La-Z-Boy way and even add a ottoman, sofa or modular onto your list.