Rocker Recliners

Sink into relaxation with ease in our comfortable La-Z-Boy® Rocker Recliner. Our genuine Rocker Recliners are perfect for those looking for full body comfort and lumbar support. With multiple seat and leg rest angle combinations, you will never want to leave our renowned recliner.


  • Rocks and reclines for total comfort

  • Secure 3-position height locking leg rest that can close without the use of your legs

  • Recline with or without the use of the leg rest with our independent back recline

  • Benefit from 16 seat and leg rest angle combinations for full body comfort and lumbar support

  • Regular, large and XL size options on several La-Z-Boy recliners


  • Up to 70+ fabrics, 20+ leathers, and various colour options

  • Handle options (left/right)
    - Standard: mahogany, chrome, matte black
    - Elongated: mahogany


  • Lifetime on our patented La-Z-Boy® mechanism

  • For our additional generous warranties, please check individual product pages