The Unexpected World Of La-Z-Boy - A Designers Perspective

Stylist Cassie Smith talks about her experience on the La-Z-Boy Photoshoot

Can you tell us a little bit about your recent photoshoot with La-Z-boy?

I was lucky enough to style La-Z-Boy’s latest shoot in sunny Queensland. We took over a couple of stunning Brisbane homes and filled them 'head to toe' of La-Z-Boy - it was an awesome few days.

What style were the houses you worked on and what are some of the La-Z-Boy pieces you used?

House One was your modern take on the classic ‘Queenslander’ style home: light, bright and airy whilst still maintaining those iconic ornate ceilings and big beautiful windows that look out onto a spacious verandah. It was the perfect setting for La-Z-Boy pieces like the Eden couch and recliner, the Prague modular and the Maxx range amongst others. These pieces come in a variety of colours but we chose to use coastal inspired colours and tones of blues, creams and white.

House Two was quite the opposite, it was super modern and contemporary so to compliment the homes bold architectural style we used pieces like he Delta, the Romano suite, the Vaucluse swivel chair and the Nordic collection. I opted for the darker leather tones the ranges came in like warm browns, greys and black to compliment the tiled floor, sleek timber staircase and dark stone feature wall.

You mentioned that the photoshoot houses were Classic and Modern Contemporary, do you think the furniture you used would work in homes that are different styles?

Absolutely! I think the Eden range would work perfectly if your style was Classic, Nautical/Beachy or even Provincial.

If your style is more Industrial, Modern, Rustic or Country then the Romano and Southwest ranges will fit right in.

Why did you choose to use more coastal accessories with the Eden?

As soon as I saw the colour of the Eden range I knew I wanted to go for a coastal look. To add to the relaxed beachy feel I used smaller decorative pieces like the big beautiful piece of coral sitting atop some of my favourite reading material. To style the buffet I used a collection of porcelain lanterns, candles and vases all in white and varying shades of blue. To finish off the look I couldn’t go past a fresh bunch of Hyacinth and a big beautiful Birds of Paradise - my absolute favourite indoor plant.

What advice can you give us on styling the Romano collection?

The first thing I think about when styling around a piece
 of furniture is it’s colour and texture. On set we had the Romano in a beautiful chestnut brown leather, which for me is reminiscent of a country style home. Country style to me is comfy, cosy and welcoming so it was important for me to add some soft furnishings.

I started with the cream shag pile rug and paired it with some neutral coloured cushions in a variety of shapes, patterns and fabrics. Every lounge needs a table or two so I utilised the beautiful coffee table already in the home and added two Cubus side tables, perfect for my industrial style lamp and a big vase of white garden roses straight from the market. The last piece of the puzzle is always the accessories - I created a little vignette on the coffee table using a woven wicker platter with a small pot plant and some lovely ceramics.


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