Natures Influence - Colour Palettes that will bring Serenity to your Home

By Tina Stephen

When buying new furniture for your home, it is important to consider what type of mood and vibe you are hoping to create. After a busy day or week, it is always nice to retreat to a space that provides serenity and calm and nothing alludes to this more than cues from nature. Whether you prefer the more subdued greys and whites or the more vibrant olives and yellows, a tranquil space is easily achievable with the below tips:

Palette One: Subtle Grey - Mid‐tone grey, Dark blue, Tans

Neutral tones, both light and dark, never feel overbearing, and choosing softer colourways such as charcoal, midtone greys, dark ink blues and warming tans will mean you intuitively decorate with natures influence. Choosing fabric for your sofa couldn’t be easier with the La‐Z-Boy – allowing you to hand pick from over a hundred fabric styles. To create this look, there are 3 fabric options that you can take inspiration from:

Kilim Black
Look to the Kilim range for a traditional pattern in modern colourways, cool dark grey and inky blue make this a good choice to pair with soft cream textiles and natural jute rugs

Barossa Black
Simple greys can vary between soft blue and green, providing the perfect warm canvas for neutral homewares such as brass accent furniture and indoor botanicals. The Athens 2.5 and 3 Seater by La-Z-Boy look fantastic covered in Barossa Black.

Churchill Mink
Blacks and greys are softened and warmed with brown undertones, especially when balanced and enhanced by leather and linen. To complement your sofa choice, look for neutral homewares in natural textures and colours such as brass, leather and jute, which are inspired by nature. These can provide endless option for mixing and matching with your feature sofa fabric. 

Palette Two: Spirited Green - Charcoal, Warm Greens, Olive

Contrasting tones of darker charcoals with vibrant warm greens provide a scheme saturated in colour, and certainly never boring. Taking cues from the natural world where deep ocean blues and grey meet rocky cliffs and rolling green hills, and layering them with a textured palette.

Harvard Charcoal
A classic choice to stand the test of time, the perfect dark grey fabric on which to build a home with endless options of easily changed colour accents, allowing you to decorate easily for each season.  

Finova Caramel  
Making a bold statement in a patterned fabric is a go‐to option for adding interest to a neutral interior, choosing soft but vibrant colourways in green and beige add colour in a subtle and simple way when teamed with complimentary neutrals.

Nelson Olive
The obvious choice when designing with nature in mind, this spirited green evokes a sense of originality.  Nelson Olive is a bold choice, but with a warm undertone, it pairs perfectly with a modern dark blue and soft caramel palette. The Chicago modular covered in Nelson Olive is the ideal match to achieve this look.

Colour Through Texture

Flip through a magazine or scroll through Pinterest, and more often than not there will be scandi-style neutral homes, or the opposing shock of colour with bright primary colours. Often finding a happy medium can be a challenge. Be inspired by nature, especially during the change of seasons. – Tina Stephen.

Winter Nooks

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